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Ramadan experience

 Ramadan experience

I grow up in a Catholic family with friends from other religions; now in my life I have the opportunity to share the spirituality in different perspectives and experiences trough different traditions of religions.
I have a so close Muslims friends and a so close Muslim family that is the reason that I decided this year to live three days of Ramadan.
If you look for a definition maybe you will find it is a fasting experience, which means that you have to stop to drink, to eat and sexual relations during the day until the sun sets. There is a specific schedule with the time to start and the time to finish, which at the same time is guide for the praying time. And the complete time for Ramadan it is 30 days, which every year start in a different day, according to the moon.

The narrative for one complete day
 In these 3 days I woke me up before 5 to take something to drink and fruit or cereal, and by 5 starts to pray, and spend day without food and water.

 The first day, I was so nervous to doesn’t hear the alarm, and I was open my eyes every hour, at the end by 4:30 I decided to stand up, and put the milk in the oven, and then I received a Said call that means it was time to start to pray.I put my carpet and I decided to pray like I always pray “our father” and-“Holy Mary” read the bible, and speak a little bit with God.In the moment that I close my eyes to start to pray, I have the feeling how beautiful it was that moment to be in connection with hundred of Muslim people which are praying all at the same time, from different nationalities, languages, age, all together praying. It was a so emotional moment; even to remember how important is starting the day giving you’re first thought to God.

I return to my bed and I continue sleeping, the next day I had the doubt about I f I can brush my Teeth and take a shower, I used Google, and I found a hundred of answer , and the end of course I could do it, it is allow it and the most important fact is the intention.

The rest of the day was so fine, a little bit thirsty because is a summer time, but the other fact it was so interesting to see the lunch time and doesn’t take it, I have that time free.
In the afternoon I went to the church and pray there, before to go to finish the day with my muslim friends I went to buy food, wooow, I bought a lot of thing because I think I want to eat everything J but I didn’t eat nothing before the time.

We cooked together, and when it was the time, we started to eat a Datil and drunk milk, it was the most fresh and delicious milk that I ever drink, after we took Harira , that is soup,  and  sweets things I enjoy so much with the taste and food. We prayed together and then they went to the mosque.

 The following days I could see how my body was changing in the time to go to sleep, and to eat. Sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night to take so much water. I think are not only a body change, your mind and emotions finding a way to be so present.
I can say so many things, but for me the most important is to know that like human we can find so many ways to be connected and understand the other can help you to understand yourself.

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